Are you reporting Adverse Events Following Immunisation with Covid Vaccine?

Effective #pharmacovigilance is only possible when we have data to assess and analyse.

Are we reporting, are HCPs reporting? I spoke to a friend whose whole family was vaccinated (Covishield), most in the family experienced high fever, severe body pain, injection site pain and swelling. Expected reactions, listed in the Serum Institute of India fact sheet. Lot of people under the age of 50 are experiencing these (atleast 10 cases that I heard).

Another reaction that one of his family members complained of was “Chest pain” for 2-3 days. This is not an expected reaction as per the SII fact sheet or product insert. I asked him if he had reported the reactions anywhere? He was confused – where and who to report?

So, I reported the reactions to SII and PvPI in an email, I received a response from SII with a vaccine AE reporting form to fill for further details on the drug and reactions. I made sure to fill as much details as possible (have been at the other end and know the frustration of having insufficient information).

Do you know when and where to report after the #covid19vaccine vaccination? If you don’t, here are some details:

The first person to report is your treating physician who should be reporting the AEs further.

Other ways to report see link below, and PvPI reporting information in the pic attached. You can also report on the helpline numbers provided at Cowin portal in the FAQs document for vaccination.

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