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Have you watched Dr. House?

I have been a big fan. Not only for the amazing Dr. Gregory House, and the story line but because this series gives you a glimpse of the struggles, challenges and beauty of medical profession. And also, the series educates on so many relevant healthcare topics.

Why I talk about it today during our patient safety campaign? Because it was about 12 years ago when I first saw the Dr. House episode on “hospital-acquired infections” (HAI) with a mention on “antibiotic resistance”.

It is a very powerful story they tell, which has stayed with me for years. This episode not only educates you about the problem but also how due diligence and vigilance towards HAI saved from an epidemic in the hospital.

If you would like to watch it, do watch “Maternity”, episode 4, Season 1, Dr. House. Its available on Prime.

It will help bring some perspective if you are a non medic and would like to understand the patient safety topic “Hospital acquired infections” which is the Goal 5 given by NABH.

See an excerpt from the Maternity episode under the youtube link above


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